Even though we at toneworx professionally offer a variety of services, our core competence does lie in the localisation and sound recording for PC and video games. Whether it's small projects for Apps and browser games, or big blockbusters which require months of precision work from our project managers, sound engineers and editors - we always deliver spot-on results. Smooth project handling, flawless casting and high-quality sound recordings? Sounds like toneworx! For gamers - by gamers.


International film productions, industrial movies, trailers and commercials - all of them find themselves completely at home with us. Our connections to many amazing voice actors and those talented newcomers regularly discovered in our casting sessions ensure products of the highest standards. Of course we also have the necessary hardware: along with our four high-end recording studios, it's our 5.1 Dolby Surround studio which will prove to be invaluable for future projects.

Video / Graphicworks

From the conception of a feature film, game trailer or TV-spot, over production and post prodcuction all the way to finalization and delivery: on their high-end work stations our video specialists are able to create true masterpieces with genuine passion and their infallible sense for video composition.


We at toneworx studios are your reliable partner for recordings and dubbing via ISDN. Our Mayah Centauri 3001 system supports all major APT and Musictaxi codecs and therefore guarantees excellent connections and sound quality on up to 4 ISDN lines, or 8 B-channels. Video or lip-sync productions can be remotely controlled from any studio in the world via LTC. Alternatively, you can always dial in on our control desk and join the recordings for your production via Skype.
ISDN1: +49 40 401 659 60 | ISDN2: +49 40 513 148 98
ISDN3: +49 40 513 186 31 | ISDN4: +49 40 513 227 29

Radio Plays / Audio Books

First-class translators and voice artists, a fresh sound design and creative music compositions of any desired genre are the reasons for the remarkable quality of our audio book and radio play productions. Thanks to our large database, we're able to competently deliver not only in German but of course in many other foreign languages.

SFX / Foley

If your productions lack that little something to make them perfect, we might have the solution for you in our sound archive with over 30,000 files. Background noises and atmosphere shots, effects or unusual sounds - we've got them all. Our Foley specialists will also stand at your side with lots of creativity in order to individually record the sounds for those productions requiring special attention.


Movie and video game scores, individual sound design, jingles or entire music album productions - the internationally experienced composers who have been cooperating with toneworx studios will realize your musical ideas. Our digital cutting stations and recording studios allow for live recordings of bands and small orchestras, resulting in distinct music productions of the highest standards.