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Game series like FIFA, Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Tomb Raider, Need for Speed, Dragon Age and Call of Duty - all of them and many more games have been fully or to a large extent localized and translated for the German market. Toneworx has been a guarantee for crystal clear sounds, high-definition videos, precise translations and the smooth production of video games since 1998. And since we strive to evolve along with the market, it'll stay like this; promised.


Our casting agents periodically organize big archive casting sessions for newcomers and talents of all ages. However, voice actors and actresses are welcome to send us their demo-reels at anytime to Further information about it can be found on the website's news page and of course in our newsletter.


Our team periodically organizes voiceacting-workshops. We offer two different workshop courses: there is the newcomer course, aspecially for drama school students and lateral entry employees and the advanced course for apprenticed actresses and actors. You are interested? Send us an e-mail to and sign on!


If they have the time and appetite, our clients and friends are more than welcome to join us at our externally run and incredibly attractive event kitchen after work. For more information visit

Furthermore, toneworx offers a stylish location for gigs, readings, parties and suchlike for private or commercial use. Please write us an e-mail at if you are interested and would like to apply for it.


We take care of our trainees! Toneworx trains talented young men and women to become management assistants for audiovisual media. We also offer internships for audio, video, production and administration assistants, as well as regular workshops for actors and actresses who want to broaden their set of skills or make the full transition to voice acting.


Having the highest security standards are key to absolute reliability, vital for guaranteed responsibility and therefore a matter of course for us. Our highly competent administrator and IT specialist sees to that our - and your - data is always safe and sound by keeping all our systems under continuous maintenance and of course doing back-ups every day.